Mike Evertsen, Avenues Realtor; 34 Years and Counting

01 November 2014

November 2014
By Mary Ann Wright

“This is home. I love these old houses. It’s the place I have en- joyed.” Mike Evertsen, besides making his living as a real estate agent with Plumb Realty is a runner and he loves walking the Avenues as well. Sometimes, as he goes down a street, he realizes that he has sold every home on that block.

Mike Evertsen believes there is no other agent who has specialized in the Avenues as long. He knows that the initial Avenues developers such as Tracy Collins would build 3 or 5 homes exactly alike, but today they are completely different having been remodeled over 115 years. Thus, he knows their values are not always equal and he is called upon often to help with valuations.

It is a tough market to know, but he has seen most all of the variety inside and out in the gorgeous Avenues homes. And, he also knows that nine people will walk into a place and not like it at all and then the tenth person comes in and it is their special place.

Mike grew up in San Diego, though his mom and dad grew up in the Marmalade district in Capitol Hill and Sugarhouse, respectively. He knew he could not be a surfer forever so he chose Logan as a way to keep him off the surfboard while he got his degree. When he got out of school, the U.S. was in a downturn and jobs were scarce.

An uncle had him managing properties and being a tour guide in Hawaii for him. After 5 years, and not liking the managing part, he returned to Utah and got a property in the Avenues. He was young and strong and started fixing up old homes.

From there he got his license in real estate and has been enjoying it ever since. It is a time-consuming game, one that requires total diligence. Working hard and luck has been his mainstay. There are down times, of course, but he loves knowing there is a right home for everyone and helping him or her find it.

Mike is the longest running advertiser in the newsletter, and he may also be the longest running booth at the Avenues Street Fair. “I recall being there pretty much from the start, me sitting at this table, in my white shirt and tie,” he laughs. “There were no computers when I started. We had these huge books of listings, like big fat yellow pages we had to thumb through.”

What he likes most is the variety in the Avenues neighborhood, the eclectic nature of both the residents and the homes. “There is no more diverse place than the Avenues in architecture, in history, in its residents.” It is thrilling to him that a number of his former clients are still his friends. Some will stop by his open houses to visit and scoop up the trademark M & M’s Mike puts out. He cannot think of a better place to be. The Avenues is “a glove that fits.”