Fireworks Prohibited in the Avenues

06 July 2017

A reminder to all our neighbors that fireworks restrictions are still in place this year. The City's map of restrictions shows fireworks are banned north of S. Temple and east of 1300 East. 

There's pleny of dry fuel in the lawns, parks, and especially open spaces above our Avenues and there are homes situated near draws and gullies that are loaded with tinder-dry grasses and shrubs begging to burn. The recent Brian Head fire, that destroyed several homes, is an example of how quickly a wildfire can get out of control from someone who thought 'that can't happen here.'

But Fire officials plug on, trying their best to educate the public. A recent brochure on the City's website points out "Wildfire behavior is influenced by three main factors: topography (lay of the land), weather (wind speed, relative humidity and ambient temperature) and fuel (vegetation and man-made structures). In the event of extreme wildfire behavior, extreme weather conditions are normally present, like extended drought, high winds, low humidity and high temperatures, coupled with excess fuel build up including the accumulation of live and dead vegetation material... Additionally, the inherent lay of the land influences the intensity and spread a fire takes. Fires tend to move upslope, and the steeper the slope the faster it moves."

All of this topography and special conditions we've got by the boatload in the Avenues. 

If you plan to use fireworks somewhere else than on the Avenues, here is the state law on their sale and use: Class 'C' fireworks can be legally sold in the state of Utah from June 23 to July 27. The legal days to discharge fireworks are, between the hours of 11 AM and 11 PM: July 1-7   (July 4 hours extended to midnight) and July 21-27 (July 24 hours extended to midnight).