Welcome to the Firewise Page of the GACC's Wildfire Preparedness Committee

This page is intended for the over 1,500 residences in the Avenues that are located within the Salt Lake Fire Department's Firewise Candidate Community. These homes are especially vulnerable to the threats and risks of wildfire due to their proximity to the fire-prone “Wildland Urban Interface” (WUI) see graphic. It is important for residents in this area to understand how fire can damage their homes and property and how they can lessen the possibility of damage by taking extra steps to protect their homes.  If each of us does our part to reduce risk, we can collectively create a safer, more resilient neighborhood.


How to tell if your home is in the Firewise Candidate Community?   Enter your address in the map at  Community Wildfire Preparedness

If you would like an individual consultation on how best to improve your home’s chances of surviving a wildland fire event, please e-mail  to request a free wildland fire home assessment. Contact your Greater Avenues Firewise Community Liaison, Shane Carlson, at (801) 596-3939 or