Friends of the Salt Lake City Cemetery

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Great News- We now have the totals for the Memorial Day Cleanup Volunteer Event held in June.  A HUGE Thank You for all who helped our goal to become stewards of recycling and a cleaner environment. About one third of the total debris collected was green waste that is now being composted for future green use.

Recyclable Items- 11,250 pounds (6 tons!!!)

Green Waste collected- 17,480 pounds (9 tons!!!)

Garbage collected- 23,820 pounds (12 tons!!!)

We look forward to this event growing and hosting more cemetery improvement projects. Keep informed at

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Friends of the Salt Lake Cemetery is holding its first volunteer event to help the cemetery go green!  Volunteers will remove Memorial Day decorations and separate them into green and non-green waste.  In prior years, everything went to the landfill. This project will eliminate that waste and help our environment. These events will be held on the evenings of Thursday, June 10th, and Friday, June 11th from 6 to 8 PM, and on Saturday, June 12th from 8 AM to noon.  Please meet in front of the Sexton’s house (corner of N and 4th Ave).  Bring gloves, water, a mask, hand sanitizer, and if you have one, a five-gallon bucket (not required).  This is a great opportunity for you to support our cemetery, enjoy the green space, meet your neighbors, and contribute to your community. Contact Paul Anderson at 801-364-6613 or .

Friends Of The Salt Lake City Cemetery was formed as a non-profit 501c3 organization to help Salt Lake City with managing the largest municipal cemetery in the United States.  The cemetery dates back to the mid-1800s when 120 acres were set aside as a permanent city cemetery, and the first burial was September 27 1848.

Located between 4th and 11th Avenue between N Street and U Street in the Avenues, the cemetery is of rich historical significance and is a cultural treasure, containing a number of retaining walls constructed by the Works Project Administration (WPA), capturing a fascinating cultural narrative, and representing an important wildlife role. In fact, the cemetery is one of the site’s for the Audubon’s Annual bird-count survey. It is also a tranquil place for reflection and remembrance.

Given the age of the cemetery, the grounds and infrastructure are in need of repair and restoration, and there are multiple opportunities for future enhancement. The windstorm in September 2020 also wreaked significant damage on numerous monuments and artifacts, and toppled over 260 trees, and the cemetery remains closed to the public at this time for downed tree removal and public safety.  See the current updates here

The main goals of the Friends group are to advocate for the cemetery, to engage the public in its history and upkeep, and to help identify and secure funding sources to address some of the needs in the Cemetery’s Master Plan, which was adopted by the City Council in October 2020.

Additionally, the Friends group is working closely with the City’s Public Lands division to identify a number of future volunteer activities to ensure the longevity of this local and national treasure. If you are interested in learning more about the Friends group, or if you have specific expertise that you feel could benefit the Friends group, please email . Visit us on Facebook here.