Presentations on Inland Port and UTA at February Meeting

30 January 2020

In addition to our regular updates at the February General Meeting, we have 2 guest presentations.  Lara McClellan Handwerker, from the City Transportation Department, will present on the new enhanced bus services from UTA.
At the January General Meeting, there was clearly interest in the Inland Port, so we have invited a speaker this month to present on the Inland Port. Taylor Stevens covers Utah politics and government for the Salt Lake Tribune and has been following this issue for the last few years. She is not an advocate for either side, but someone who has been following the issue for the last few years, and can present the history and current status of the Port, as well as the major issues.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, February 5th at 7 PM at the Sweet Library. For more information, see the Agenda newsletter under the tab for News & Events.