4th Avenue Well Update March 2020

28 March 2020

After almost 2 years of discussion, the 4th Avenue Well Project is moving ahead.  A virtual open house will be held on March 30, 2020 from 10-11 AM. You can attend this open house and make your own comments by going to facebook.com/SLCGovernment/videos/416079928767426/.

We were first informed of the project in July of 2018 when the Public Utilities Department presented their plan to (1) keep a very productive and important well on line and (2) bring it up to state codes for worker safety. The original plans showed a 2,900 sq ft area surrounded by a 6 foot high wrought iron fence enclosing a 998 sq. ft. building for adding fluoride and chlorine and a generator building. Six large trees would need to be removed for the project.

With lots of neighbor feedback, the SLCDPU revised their plan downward and removed anything from the building that wasn’t necessary. The planned 500/600 sq. ft. building is now about the size of a 2-car garage. They eliminated the on-site emergency generator. They eliminated fluoride and changed from liquid chlorination to a tablet calcium hypochlorite disinfection system. It has been designed with noise mitigation that will be less than the 50 decibels the County required. They have been working with the Urban Forester to limit the number of trees impacted. Hopefully only two will be lost. 

During several meetings, neighbors discussed many ideas including modern vs historical designs and which materials to use. On March 16th, 2020, SLCDPU and design firm CRSA presented their designs to the neighbors during a virtual meeting. These included 3 basic designs, 2 variations for each design and 4 different roof styles. Click here to see the slides from this meeting, including the design options. The drawings included the actual not imagined trees that would be on site. CRSA also presented the idea of creating a partial stone fence (think Brigham Young’s garden wall) that could be on the north and east sides of the building to conceal the electrical equipment for security and aesthetic purposes. Many comments and thoughts were expressed by the Canyon Road neighbors. These designs, updated variations with other colors and materials, and shown in different seasons, will be available to see at the Virtual Open House on March 30th. You can attend this open house and make your own comments by going to www.facebook.com/SLCGovernment/. The site will be up for about a week after the open house.