4th Avenue Well Project Goes to Historic Landmark Commission

03 May 2020

Salt Lake City Planning Staff have scheduled a Public Hearing at 5:30 PM, on Thursday May 7 for the Historic Landmarks Commission to review the proposed site plan and building design for the 4th Ave and Canyon Rd water well building. This will be on-line and not a pysical meeting at the City Offices.  

The proposed building will be built on a roughly 600 square foot site (down from over 2000 square feet originally). The building will be 14 feet high and will necessitate the removal of two large trees, one of which is in poor condition, as opposed to the six trees originally planned. 

If you are interested in participating during the Public Hearing portion of the meeting or provide general comments:
or connect with us on WebEx at: http://tiny.cc/slc-hlc-05072020
Instructions for using WebEx are provided on our website at SLC.GOV/Planning.

The Treatment Plant is first on the agenda. Best to log on a little early.