Re-zoning Application in Upper Avenues

05 June 2020

Update - This proposal was discussed at the July GACC General Meeting. Per our bylaws, a vote was held at the next meeting in August. The vote was 688 opposed and 4 in favor. The GACC sent a letter to the planning department relaying this information. To read the letter, please click here. 

The Planning Division has received a petition from Ivory Development to rezone the property at 675 N F Street. (The Northwest corner of F Street and 13th Avenue)  The applicant is requesting to rezone the property from FR-3/12,000 “Foothills Residential District” zone to the FB-UN1 “Form Based Urban Neighborhood 1” zone, to allow for a denser development. 

At our July 1st meeting, we heard from the developer and also a grass roots organization that wants to preserve the current zoning. The General Meeting was held virtually, using Zoom. We hit hit our limit of 100 attendees for the meeting, so we apologize to anyone who tried to get on and couldn't last night. However, we did record the meeting and you can view it by clicking here and entering the password.  Password: 7B#Jfz1#

You can learn about the Preserve Our Avenues Zoning Coalition by clicking on the following website:  
The Salt Lake City Planning Department has established a 'Virtual Open House' for this project, where you can access the application information, concept plans, and information on the current and proposed zoning regulations. The Open House will be available for comment through July 13.    You will also be able to leave comments with the Planning Division until the date of the public hearing. To view the Open House, click on the link below. 

Visit Open House