Dr. Leo Sotiriou: All Avenues, All The Time

01 September 2015

September 2015

Dr. Leo Sotiriou has been a constant in the Avenues since the early 1980’s. Leo made the Avenues his home when he came back from his Dermatology residency at The Medical College of Wisconsin. Leo’s life is centered on his neighborhood. He practices dermatology in downtown Salt Lake City. Dr. His wife Cynthia, who he met in Milwaukee, was a CPA but now teaches piano in the Avenues. They have four children and all were raised in the Avenues. Alexander works for New York Life and lives in Pittsburgh, Michael is in his first year of residency in Dermatology in Chicago, Elysia is pursuing a PhD in psychology at the University of Texas in Austin and Stephen is working for Grant Thornton in New York City.

Leo coached Avenues Baseball for 10 years, so Lindsey Gardens was his second home during those years. He has been active in the Greek community since his childhood and has been a volunteer for the Greek Festival for decades. Leo’s two brothers, Gus and Tommie, as well as his sister Margo have all called the Avenues home.

Leo was born in Bingham Canyon and moved to SLC at the age of one. He grew up on State Street but always longed to someday live in the Avenues. Leo graduated from South High in 1962 and then from the University of Utah with a degree in Pharmacy in 1967. He left SLC at that time to enter medical school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, graduating in 1971. He interned at The Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, which is the oldest hospital in the United States. It was founded by Benjamin Franklin.

Leo then served his country in the US Navy as a Naval Flight Surgeon on the Aircraft Carrier USS Independence from 1971 to 1974. He began his career in medicine as an emergency room physician in South Georgia, but made the decision that dermatology was better suited to his lifestyle. He finished his training at The Medical College of Wisconsin in 1980, before making the Avenues his home. When you ask Leo why he chose the Avenues, he proudly states he wouldn’t live anywhere else because of the charm and diversity of his neighborhood.