For Purrr-fect Cat Care, Call Jennifer

01 January 2016

January 2016
By Jolene Croasmun

Cat et cetera is a cat-sitting business in the Avenues owned and operated by Jennifer Tonge. Jennifer has been in the cat sitting business since 2004 but was watching friend’s cats for them long before she started the business. Jennifer is a big cat person. She enjoys caring for all types of kitties and found herself without a job but was always being called upon to watch someone’s cat. She saw a niche in the Avenues and started her cat sitting business, Cat et cetera.

Every cat owner who takes a trip or vacation asks themselves the same question of who is going to watch Mr. Whiskers or Puffy Puffy Princess. We run through the inevitable list in our heads of 'which neighbor do I burden with this task' or 'do I know a teenager who wants to earn some extra money?' That is why Jennifer’s cat sitting business is so great. She wants to care for your cats and you have the peace of mind while out of town knowing that all is well at home.

To get started you first call Cat et cetera and set up an appointment to meet with Jennifer. Jennifer will come to your home to meet the feline friends and then you will provide her any special instructions for your cat or cats and how to handle the key. She will then confirm a few days before the service starts. She recommends once a day but if special circumstances call for it, twice a day.

Cat et cetera services include feeding, water change, cleaning or upkeep on litter boxes, activities with the kitties including grooming, cuddle, playing or just hanging out. Her service also can include for no additional charge, administering medication, mail collection, trash containers, watering plants, birds and fish feeding. She charges $20.00 per visit for a 30 minute visit but if it takes longer, then there will be additional charges and if over 5 miles away then a mileage charge of fifty cents per mile will be added to the fee. Cat et cetera offers a much needed service for cat owners in the Avenues.

If you are planning to be out of town and have a cat, consider using Cat et cetera. Call Cat et cetera at 801-560-1394 and leave a message for Jennifer. Most customers have Jennifer come by every day they are gone and even have Jennifer come in on the day they are coming home. Having a clean litter box and a happy kitty to greet you from your trip is the best.