At GACC, We Stay In Touch With Our City Officials All Year

20 May 2016

The Greater Avenues Community Council is one of the largest and most active in Salt Lake City. One of the benefi ts of having a large and active Community Council is the attention we receive from our elected offi cials. We routinely have our State Legislators, City Councilman, School Board representative, and others who give us updates on issues that aff ect our neighborhood.

Last month, we heard from Councilman Stan Penfold about the City Council priorities for the upcoming year. Three items are considered to be their priorities for the year:

  • Affordable Housing/Homelessness—explore options to increase aff ordable housing options for all City residents, including options that would off er more opportunities to the Homeless;
  • Economic Development—improve the City’s place in regional and statewide economic development efforts, including attracting businesses and making changes to help businesses succeed in Salt Lake City;
  • Sustainable funding for streets, curb, gutter, and sidewalks— pursue new funding options to increase the money available for City infrastructure projects.

Throughout the year, we can look forward to hearing more about these issues from Councilman Penfold at our monthly meetings.

We also heard from Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck, who gave us an early update on the Legislative session. We will hear more from her and Senator Jim Dabakis after the Legislative session ends.

We are attempting to schedule Mayor Biskupski at a future meeting, possibly April, to present her priorities and vision as she starts her new administration. Please check next month’s newsletter for details.

This month’s meeting has two main presentations. One is a summary of an infrastructure upgrade project on our sewer system. While this project won’t impact every Avenues resident, the construction will be very visible this summer. For more details, check the article elsewhere in this newsletter.

The other presentation is an overview of the planning, zoning, and historic preservation processes. At the last two general meetings, we’ve had reviews of projects that require exceptions to the zoning rules. This was an opportunity for neighbors to make comments to the Planning Department. (As of press time, these projects were still under review.) Last fall, we also had a review of a major apartment project on the corner of South Temple and 5th East. As reported in the Salt Lake Tribune, this project was recently turned down by the Historic Landmarks Committee. Several questions have come from Avenues residents about how these processes work. This will be an opportunity to educate ourselves on the process. Unlike previous